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The Mastermind


Meet Felicia Jinks, the creative mastermind behind Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary Affairs.

She comes from a military family where she is the youngest child and the only girl of six children. Imagine what that meant for her growing up! She was born in Sumter, SC but grew up in a small town in Central Florida and attended college at Florida A&M University and Florida State University. Moving from place to place always kept her yearning on how to stay grounded and make the moves homely. As a little girl she was always helping her mom to decorate and make craft projects each place we lived in to accomplish this.


Felicia moved to Atlanta after graduating from college to work in Corporate America and has been there ever since. She is married and has three wonderful children; two boys and the youngest is a girl (go figure she would follow in her mother’s footsteps with that lol). Having children has allowed her to plan many kids birthday parties to explode not only her decorating sense but also my planning sense.

As somewhat of a fashion addict! I'm sure if you ask her family and friends, they will tell you that she loves all things related to shoes, handbags, clothes, and accessories. She did not always have this addiction, but it has grown tremendously over time to where she is now exploding out of her closets, shhh don't tell anyone!  That fashion sense has allowed her to leverage her talents behind keeping up with trends, and also thinking and “looking” outside of the box.

Over the last decade she has planned many celebrations ranging from baby showers to weddings to birthday parties. Some of these were her own milestone events and others were for family, friends, and clients. It started out as a hobby of hers but over the years she has flourished and has grown more of a passion for it leading her to turn her FUN into FORTUNE! That passion has breathed life into the creation of Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary Affairs.

O2E Affairs Was Born!

Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary Affairs was created as a full-service Atlanta wedding and event planning company.

We create a one-stop shop for invitation and event planning needs. We help create the first level of excitement

for your guests when they see your invitation to your event, and then we end with creating an unforgettable celebration that will be remembered. Our goal is to creatively plan and design weddings and social events that

will leave an unforgettable impression on our clients and their guests. During the experience, our clients can kick back and relax as we bring their vision to life.

Your vision shines through in our designs and is evident in the personalized service that we provide. What we love most is the raw emotion you show, the moment when the event design is unveiled. The emotion you feel when seeing the design for the first time and how it all came together, is priceless! These types of experiences elevate and fuel our passion. You know what you want and how you want to feel, but you don't always know how to pull it together to create something extraordinary, and that's  where we come in. Through collaboration, we bring to life what you desire to experience on the day of your event.

Our inspiration comes from the vision and energy we get from our clients. Each client is unique and their signature vision represents a strong emotional and personal connection to them. We channel that emotional energy to plan all the intricate details for your special event and transform it into something extraordinary.

Your Vision...

Our Inspiration...

Welcome to Ordinary To ExtraOrdinary Affairs!
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